Competition and Sportsmanship

We aim to promote HighNoon as a sport through fair and strict rules. HighNoon involves strategy planning, personal qualities, both physically and mentally, hence  providing diversity to the airsoft community.


- 1 vs 1

- Pistols Only (Equipped w/14mm CCW Outer Barrel)

- Max 3 Magazines (17 Rounds Per Mag)

- 1 Joule Limit

- Tracer Required (Provided by Organisers)

- No Vests Allowed

Airsoft Atheletes

Under standardised rules and procedures, we aim to develop the concept of "athletes" in airsoft to create professionalism. In return, they would learn and respect from one another.

Upcoming Events

21/8 - 22/8

Free Open Day


HighNoon is more easily acceptable by newcomers due to its low requirement of equipments. This community shall grow as long as there is new-blood coming in.

Parental Agreement

Please fill in the following parental agreement for persons under the age of 16